Electrical PAT Testing - no-fuss service

(No call-out charge St Just/Pendeen/Local areas) 


£30 up to 20 items

All-Inclusive price, certificates and full checks


For your Airbnb, Holiday or Residential Let, Small Business, small office (IT-safe testing equipment) etc.  Extra items £1.  All prices include the pass/fail certificates


For Airbnb, Holiday or Residential Let, B&Bs  Business, Shop, Office (IT-safe testing) 


Your equipment tests.

(Equipment should be disconnected from the mains and other equipment for testing)

It is visually inspected first, and any fixes* made before being electrically tested for:

Earth Continuity, Insulation resistance, Equivalent Leakage.

And any IEC lead tests for Earth test, Insulation and Polarity (IEC = "kettle" or IT style leads)

The equipment is disconnected from the mains and from other equipment during it's tests, keep this in mind for any IT testing (computer, mains lead, printer, power supplies etc)

*fixes: "Fixes and fuses free" I don't charge for replacing wrong fuses or tightening up connections or clamps or mis-wired plugs etc. If it can be fixed on the spot I can usually fix it.


Extension leads should be tested too.  Don't forget the phone and battery chargers - if it plugs into the mains it needs to be safe. 


How often do items need testing?

The small cost of PAT testing once a year (for example) covers all your obligations in most situations, is simple to remember and implement, and gets it out of the way without missing anything.

Many people and organisations have an annual PAT test for everything despite different recommended inspection periods for different types of equipment. This can range from 6 months (site hand tools) to up to 4 years for some types of equipment. It's really just common-sense. e.g. vacuum cleaner, Iron or hair dryer is being moved, used and plugged/unplugged all the time and get a lot of use and wear and tear, and an office printer might sit in the same place for years without being unplugged once. A hire tool might be inspected between each hire.  The older a mains electrical item gets the more it needs monitoring for wear and electrical insulation breakdown. 

Hence the convenient once a year practice that many people follow which has passed into urban legend as "the law".

Properly calibrated test equipment. Traceable to national standards. Current calibration and competence certificates on request. Any questions just ask.

About PAT testing..

PAT testing is not a legal obligation but UK legislation says that a business must maintain electrical equipment in a safe condition and you also have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and the public.

PAT testing has become a standard way of meeting this legal obligation by checking the equipment is safe.


Simply - your visitors, staff, customers or guests come into contact with any electrical equipment on your premises or use it it's up to you to make sure it is safe to use.   

PAT testing with records provides evidence and peace of mind that the quipment bearing the sticker or on the certificate has been checked. 

In the event of any claim or accident, fire etc, you can demonstrate that you have taken reasonable care with  proof that you tasked the PAT tester to carry out the testing for you.


More info:

–   The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
–   The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
–   The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
–   The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999